About Monique

HI I’m Monique Muldrow!

Self love Coach, Speaker, Influencer

Monique Muldrow has been providing free life coaching to her residents for over 7 years. She is passionate about the power of positivity and how joy emanates from within versus our outside surroundings and circumstances

After finishing high school and some college, Monique began pursuing a career in fashion design. But the fashion industry was not sparking joy for Monique and she felt filled with negativity and darkness. Instead, she became certified in property management, specializing in HUD and affordable housing projects for economically disadvantaged and under-served minority populations in San Diego and Los Angeles. It was during her tenure as a property manager that Monique became interested in Life Coaching.

Monique’s practice focuses on teaching clients how to love themselves first and more. She regularly speaks with her clients about the power of positivity, which extends beyond the “real” world and into virtual worlds such as social media. She also regularly speaks about the natural healing and strengthening power of crystals, which can help ward off “energy vampires” who Monique explains “try to suck the life from us every day.”

I want to share my life experiences and knowledge, in hopes that someone will relate and have more hope and self love to not give up on themselves, to keep fighting for themselves, and to help people have more self-worth, especially those of us who've been knocked down so many times, and don't know how to get back up.

When she’s not coaching her residents or clients, Monique loves being a mom and enjoys hiking, beach walks, kitchen dance parties, cooking and taking random day trips with her littles.

What is love me more about ?

Love ME More is about teaching you to love yourself. With some simple tools … lots of action … And doing the leg work!!!