Commit to yourself

Let's Make it Official

Finding self love is one of the hardest things to find within. Fully believing in the power of positivity and power of love is even harder. By making this commitment to your self, you are taking an important step to a better, more fulfilling life. By commiting to your journey, you’ll save over $750 from the “pay as you go” plan with 12, half-hour sessions, 4, 1-hour sessions, which can be used anytime over 4 months. By getting the “Commit to your Journey” package, you are telling your self: “I am worth it!” You are telling your self that you are ready and willing to do the leg work.

When you truly find and accept your self-love, your circle of life changes, and you become the person you’re destined to be. When you feel the power of releasing the fears that have held you back, you’ll also begin realizing why I created Love ME More.

October 2021
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People who select
this package will get:
  1. All of the tools from the “Dip Your Toes” and “Step into Loving Yourself” packages
  2. Making & using daily affirmation cards
  3. In-depth exploration of Monique’s 12 Branches of Love
  4. Continual goal setting exercises
  5. Daily exercises
  6. Access to Monique’s private VIP community of Love ME More Masters
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Email support for 90 days after completion of course