Dig In and Get Deep

Once we have the mind flowing, it’s time to get deeper. Science has proven that it takes 3 – 4 weeks to create a habit in your brain. Then the hard part begins — Practice! So with this plan, Monique reveals her secrets to cementing the habit of self love and positive thinking. Plus, you’ll save $300 from the “pay as you go” plan with 8, half-hour sessions, which can be used anytime over 3 months.

You will start to see your entire life changing, right before your eyes!

October 2021
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People who select this
package will get:
  1. All of the tools learned from the Dip Your Toes package
  2. Discovering where you need and want self love (ie: what triggers you into self-hatred?)
  3. The benefit(s) of movement & moving
  4. Getting in sync with your body & mind
  5. How to listen & love stillness
  6. The life hack of Monique’s “Wheel of Life” & “Branches of Love”
Great Addons
Stand alone, 30-minute session

Do you have something that's stressing you out? Need a little extra time with Monique? NO Problem! Add an extra…


Love Me More Notepad

This notebook closes envelope-style into the clear front cover.


Love Me More Sticky Notes

Post-it® Note pads in colors and have 25 sheets each.


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